Orange Mag // 2019

A lifestyle publication cultivated through activism, representation, and creativity
As design editor, I created our bi-annual print magazine and led a team of illustrators via meetings, workshops, and @channel for our daily-published digital content. Through collaboration with the creative director and EICs, I also designed promotional campaigns and an internal rebrand.

hey there!

Welcome to my humble corner of the internet. I’m Sarang, an Austin-bred art director and designer based in Washington, DC. As a recent graduate of Texas Creative, I embrace multidisciplinary collaboration and efficient how-to tutorials. My interests include creative storytelling, challenging the status quo, and finding new ways to repurpose used take-out containers. Although it doesn’t happen often, I also enjoy long walks on the beach. I’m always looking for new ways to learn and unlearn, so let me know if you have an opportunity in mind!




Sarang (sounds like meringue)
B.A. Studio Art
B.S. Advertising (Texas Creative)
The University of Texas at Austin
ENFJ, heavily influenced by Ali Wong

quarantine series

acrylic paint on 11"x14" canvas